Monad Hunts

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Monads for which we want records - any records - even Common Daisy!

These 2km squares are mostly unrecorded - which will mean little gaps in the forthcoming Flora's maps of distribution from plants that are probably present. So no need to search for rarities (but by all means do!) but please let us know if you find anything at all. (This includes Purple Moor-grass and Bracken!)


Several have now been done with good results and a lot of new dots for Flora mapping. I have added some new ones to the list below.


Note that only one 1km square from the list need be recorded but the wider the coverage (recorded by monad) the better.


SN7814 etc Lorfa - back of Black Mountain. I suggest the footpath north from the picnic area at SN 7915 1273.


SN8252 SN8352 SN8253 SN8353 (Cefn Coch) (The footpath through forest from SN 809 514 near Llyn Brianne reservoir may serve but it is hard to trace after leaving the forest track to cross the river. The forest track itself peter's out and is not available as suggested on the map. This one is hard to do.)


SN8812 SN8912 SN8813 SN8913 (N of Sarn Helen which goes through SN8912.)


SN9020 SN9120 SN9021 SN9121 (Above Cwm Senni)


SN9054 SN9154 SN9055 SN9155 Bryn - accessible from parking at SN 9059 5370


SN9056 SN9156 SN9057 SN9157 (Lan Ddu) (A hard one to do!)


SN9058 SN9158 SN9059 SN9159 (Up on Gorllwyn)


SN9258 SN9259 SN9358 SN 9359 West of Abernefal.


SN9616 SN9716 SN9617 SN9717 (Waen Llywarch) Red monad done. SN9616 worth exploring as there is an old settlement and, from afar, the terrain looks more interesting. Hard to get to.


SN9660 SN9760 SN9661 SN9761, Next east from the one we did below y Gamriw. The road from Llanwrtywl goes through SN9661.


And - Some really challenging ones...


SN8018 etc Banwen Gwys also on the Black mountain.

SN9418 etc Fan Dringarth - quite a trek !

SO0811 SO0911 (Remote Mynydd Llangynidr). Only parts of the northern two monads are in the vice-county. Maybe get to Pwll Mere somehow and do north of there?


J R Crellin 2023

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