Churchyard (and Chapel) Hunts

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Churchyard Yews

Breconshire results to John Crellin please

Still to search!

Churchyards (including the graveyards associated with Chapels) are usually open access and are good sites for botanising.

In particular they are an important site for occurrences of Yew trees.

We do have undoubtedly native trees growing in the south of the county and a lot of planted or bird-sown trees throughout.

Churchyard Yews are, however, a special case as they occur there frequently - whether planted or already existing when the site was chosen for worship.

(Where there is a date given it would be good to have a post 2000 record.)

PLACE GRIDREF Monad 2023 Recorded? Recent date Comment
Cwm Twrch Isaf SN7701410123 SN7710        
Abercraf SN8215812837 SN8212        
Nant y ffin SN8475913301 SN8413        
Cwmwysg SN8509328438 SN8528        
Bethel Chapel SN86194504 SN8645       Built in 1868 as the first Calvinistic Methodist chapel in Llanwrtyd Wells
Llwyneuadd SN8896224926 SN8824        
Crai SN8967724626 SN8924        
Llwynfynwent SN899430 SN8943        
Pontneddfechan SN9047307705 SN9007        
Pentre bach SN90773285 SN9032       Capel Beili Du New!
Penderyn SN9446108509 SN9408        
Penderyn graveyard SN9506408098 SN9508        
Ystradfellte SN93061345 SN9313   Yew 1998  
Sennybridge SN9200428974 SN9228        
Sennybridge SN9226828424 SN9228        
Merthyr Cynog SN98493744 SN9837   Yew 1998  
Ty du SN9887238110 SN9838        
Pont Faen SN9954334186 SN9934        
Cefn-coed-y-cymmer SO024084 SO0208        
SO032080 SO0308        
Near Llwyn-onn SO0140211432 SO0111 Looked ? 2023 No Yew visible from road but graveyard goes back a long way. Was locked. JC
Vaynor SO0496710358 SO0410       Note precise location - one nearby has a Yew already confirmed
Near Pontsticill Reservoir Dam SO059116 SO0511        
Felindre SO0135238590 SO0138        
Lower Chapel SO0278735838 SO0235   Yew 1995 Younger yews 
Near Alltybrain SO03023434 SO0334       Unlikely
Ty Capel SO0245345977 SO0245       Not sure but shape suggestive - no other evidence apart from name
Beliheulog SO0479843477 SO0443        
Alltmawr SO0733346857 SO0746   Yew 1998  
Cilmery SO0035251527 SO0051        
Llanganten, Cilmery SO00945176 SO0051   Yew 1999 This site is thought to be early medieval in origin. The oldest of two yews grows SW of the church. It has been reported (May 2010) that both yews have been felled.  Ancient Yews Group.
Llanelwedd SO04675179 SO0451        
Dukestown SO1202110361 SO1210        
Dukestown SO1356710922 SO1310        
Garnlydan SO1644012306 SO1612        
Brynmawr SO1925011848 SO1911        
Brynmawr SO1924611703 SO1911        
Brynmawr SO1918811582 SO1911        
Aber SO1033321296 SO1021        
Talybont on Usk SO1116223068 SO1123    
Llangynidr SO1530120143 SO1520        
Near Cwm Rhos SO1852624735 SO1824        
Crickhowell SO2165118873 SO2118        
Glangrwyney SO23991625 SO2316        

Many are Notable, Veteran or Ancient trees.

As these trees are dioecious it would be good to know whether both or only one sex are present.

All I need is an indication of roughly how many Yew trees there are and whether any are Notable, Ancient or Veteran - see below.

If you would like to measure each tree then that data would be valuable for the Woodland Trust. Enter data at the Ancient Tree Inventory of the Woodland Trust.


Many old churchyards and graveyards in the county are of a roughly oval to circular shape, usually with a wall. (This is often quite noticeable on the Ordnance Survey maps.)

Do consider reporting older trees you find on the Ancient Tree Inventory at the Woodland Trust.



My list of religious sites in the county and their Yew status (it's in hectad and monad order).

Area* PLACE CHURCH GRIDREF Monad 2023 Recorded? Recent date Comment
Mynydd Du SW Cwm Twrch Isaf Cemetery SN7701410123 SN7710        
Ystradgynlais Cemetery, Gorof SN7806210141 SN7810        
Ystradgynlais St. Cynog's Church SN787101 SN7810 Searched Yew 2023 5 Yews including veteran and ancient, AJ.
Glyntawe Abercraf Cemetery SN8215812837 SN8212        
Abercraf St. Davids SN8308912839 SN8312 Searched Yew 2023 1 Fastigate.
Coelbren Capel Coelbren SN849117 SN8411 Searched No yews or daffodils. 2023  
Nant y ffin Unknown SN8475913301 SN8413        
Penycae Capel Ty’ncoed SN8408613315 SN8413 Searched No Yews 2023 AJ
Glyntawe St John the Baptist, Callwen SN8480516871 SN8416 Searched Yew 2023 Three - one with highly fissured trunk. AJ.
Cwmwysg   SN8509328438 SN8528        
Pont ar Hydfer   SN8618427518 SN8627 Recorded Yew 2023 Rec as present from the road while passing! AG.
Bishop's Town   SN8765729229 SN8729       (Consider a quick search). From around the 12th century the Bishop of St David's owned the land to the west of the book and Trecastle was thus used as a staging post en route to the cathedral.
Llwyneuadd   SN8896224926 SN8824        
Crai St Llytids SN8967724626 SN8924        
Crychan Halfway Bethesda SN83063287 SN8332 Searched No Yew 2023 AG
Llywel Llywel churchyard SN86943005 SN8630 Searched Yew 2023 2 Ancient, 1F 1M. 1 Notable F. AG.
Llandeilo 'r Fan St Teilo SN89603467 SN8934   Yew 2000  
Llanwrtyd Llanwrtyd St David's Old Church SN8636947797 SN8647 Searched No Yew 2023  
Tirabad St David's SN8797841296 SN8741 Searched Yew 2023 Female, 3.4m, Notable. TL.
Llanwrtyd Wells Bethesda SN8783046685 SN8746 Searched No Yew 2023  
Llanwrtyd Wells St James SN8777946619 SN8746 Searched No Yew 2023  
Llanwrtyd Wells Gelynos SN8712047140 SN8747 Searched No Yew 2023  
Llwynfynwent   SN899430 SN8943       lost yew 
Abergwesyn Abergwesyn Llanddewi Abergwesyn SN85255260 SN8552 Searched Yew 2023 St David's: old church site. Male, 4.2m, Notable. TL. LB.
Abergwesyn Llanfihangel Abergwesyn SN85455266 SN8552 Searched Yew 2023 St Michaels: old church site. Male, 2.45m, Young. TL. LB.
Abergwesyn Moriah SN8536552582 SN8552 Searched No Yew 2023  
Llan Uchaf Pantycelyn Chapel SN8935953742 SN8953 Searched No Yew 2023  
Hirwaun Pontneddfechan St Johns SN9047307705 SN9007        
Penderyn St Cynog SN9446108509 SN9408        
Penderyn graveyard Siloam ? Chapel SN9506408098 SN9508       Looks like there may be Yews in hedge?
Mellte Ystradfellte St Mary SN93061345 SN9313   Yew 1998 Diocese of Swansea and Brecon 
Senni Clwyd waen dwr Cemetery SN9192124683 SN9124   Yew 2018 Walls at Brychgoed Chapel and elsewhere. 
Defynnog Defynnog churchyard SN9227 SN9227 Searched Yew 2023 3 ancient 1 very ancient, 2M 2F. AG, JM & AS.
Sennybridge Site 1 SN9200428974 SN9228        
Sennybridge Site 2 SN9226828424 SN9228        
Cwm Camlais Chapel SN9530626862 SN9526 Searched No Yew 2023  
Trallong St David SN9660129586 SN9629 Searched Yew 2023 2, both female, AG SG AJ
Llanilltyd St Illtyd SN97122612 SN9726 Searched No Yew 2023 lost yew 
Penpont Bettws Penpont Church SN9728 SN9728 Searched Yew 2023 1 ancient male. AG, JM & AS. 
Libanus Congregational Church SN99372551 SN9925   Yew 2019  
Libanus Chapel SN99462601 SN9926 Searched No Yew 2023  
Epynt S Llanfihangel Nant Bran St Michael SN94433426 SN9434 Searched Yew 2023 3 Veteran males, AG SG AJ
Soar   SN9712632051 SN9732 Searched Yew 2023 1 female, AG SG AJ
Merthyr Cynog St Cynog SN98493744 SN9837   Yew 1998  
Ty du   SN9887238110 SN9838        
Pont Faen Religious Grounds SN9954334186 SN9934        
Epynt N Cefn-gorwydd    SN9041845564 SN9045 Searched No Yew 2023  
Beulah Cwm-bryn SN9180949127 SN9149 Searched No Yew 2023  
Llangammarch St Cadmarc SN9351047313 SN9347 Searched No Yew 2023  
Maesllech Llanlleonfel, Garth SN9385849926 SN9349 Searched Yew 2023 Female, 2.56m, Young. TL.
Pantycelyn Site SN99804173 SN9941   Yew 2023 Two youngish trees, JC, SG, LR
Newbridge Beulah Eglwys Oen Duw SN9132652114 SN9152 Searched No Yew 2023 Yew was recorded 2019
Beulah Chapel SN9241051326 SN9251 Searched No Yew 2023  
Troedrhiwdalar   SN9527053280 SN9553 Searched No Yew 2023  
Garth Onllwyn Chapel SN9638650066 SN9650 Searched No Yew 2023  
Llanafan Fawr St Afan SN96905580 SN9655 Searched Yew 2023 Female, 0.64m, Young. TL.
Garth Llanfechan Church (Llanafan Fechan) SN97305036 SN9750 Searched Yew 2023 Male, 6.5m, Ancient . TL. 
Llanafan Fawr Piscah SN9806956502 SN9856 Searched No Yew 2023  
Ty Gwilym Llanfihangel Bryn Pabuan SN98405665 SN9856 Searched Yew 2023 Male, 1.14m, Young. TL.
Llanynis St David or St Llyr SN9983550860 SN9950 Searched No Yew 2023  
Elan Llanwrthwl St Gwrthwl SN97576373 SN9763   Yew 2004  
Merthyr Cefn-coed-y-cymmer Several big cemeteries SO024084 SO0208        
St John SO032080 SO0308        
Taf Fechan Nant-ddu not known SO00351476 SO0014   Yew 2014 Mike saw Salix pentandra just north of here on the river in 1978.
Near Llwyn-onn A chapel SO0140211432 SO0111 Looked ? 2023 No Yew visible from road but graveyard goes back a long way. Was locked. JC
Vaynor St Gwymmo SO0485210272 SO0410   Yew 2002  
Vaynor Cemetery SO0496710358 SO0410        
Near Pontsticill Reservoir Dam Bethlehem Chapel, relocated burial ground SO059116 SO0511        
Talybont Reservoir Chapel remains SO0781017152 SO0717   Yew 2017  
Brecon Aberyscir St Mary and St Cynidr SO0003629651 SO0029 Searched Yew 2023 Veteran male, Veteran female
Llanspyddid St Cattwg SO01172820 SO0128 Searched Yew 2023 2 ancient 3 vet 6 notable, 7M 4F. AG, JM & AS.
Llanfaes Churchyard SO0377528329 SO0328 Searched Yew 2023 JC.
Brecon Cemetery SO0375429145 SO0329        
Brecon Cathedral Close SO044290 SO0429 Searched Yew 2023 A smallish yew at the Cathedral  - 3.37m girth at 1.50m but with distinct hollowing both of branches and trunk. 
Cantref St Gynidr & St Mary SO05642545 SO0525   Yew 2023 2 ancient up to 7.15m girth; 2 locally notable; 9 forming avenue to church. AG, SG, JM.
Llanfrynach St Brynach SO07522579 SO0725 Searched Yew 2023 1 veteran 8 notable 2 male. AG & JM.
Llanfeugan Church SO08662454 SO0824   Yew 2023 4 ancient up to 9m girth, 5 veteran, 3 locally notable. AG, SG, JM.
Llanhamlach St Peter and St Illtyd SO08952644 SO0826 Searched Yew 2023 2 ancient 2 veteran 7 Notable. 4 male. AG & JM.
Lower Chapel Battle St Cynog SO0082630974 SO0030 Searched Yew 2023 3, AG SG AJ, 1 Ancient male, 1 Notable female
Felindre   SO0135238590 SO0138        
Lower Chapel St Michael SO0278735838 SO0235   Yew 1995 Younger yews 
Lower Chapel Site 2 SO02823572 SO0235   Yew 2002  
Llandefaelog Fach St Maelog or St Maelo SO03393238 SO0332   Yew 2013  
Garthbrengy St David SO04563352 SO0433 Searched Yew 2023 4 Notable male; 1 Veteran male; 10 Notable female; 5 Veteran female; 21 Yews in total.
Near Alltybrain A Chapel SO03023434 SO0334       Unlikely
Llanddew Churchyard and surrounds SO0530 SO0530 Searched Yew 2023 Both Notable males 
Llwyncynog Maes y Berllan Chapel graveyard SO0859233955 SO0833   Yew 2018  
Llwyncynog Talachddu churchyard SO0818733125 SO0833 Searched Yew 2023 1 Ancient female, 1 Veteran male, 4 Notable 3 female 1 male, otherwise 3 F 1M. 
Banc y Celyn Upper Chapel St Cynog SO00724058 SO0040   Yew 2012  
Maesmynis Salem chapel (ruin) SO01804740 SO0147 Searched Yew 2023 1. Approx 640 cms  Female Veteran. TL.
Ty Capel   SO0245345977 SO0245       Not sure but shape suggestive - no other evidence apart from name
Llangynog - Pwll-du St Cynog SO02514620 SO0246   Yew 2005  
Maesmynis St David's  SO0280949761 SO0249 Searched Yew 2023 1. 435 cms Male Notable ( heartless but still growing!). TL.
Llanddewi'r Cwm St David SO03484857 SO0348   Yew 2013  
Beliheulog   SO0479843477 SO0443        
Gwenddwr St Dubricius SO0649143249 SO0643 Searched Yew 2023 2 male Notable, 2 female Notable. AG, SG, JM
Gwenddwr Bryn Sion Chapel SO0661143219 SO0643 Searched No Yew 2023 AG, SG, JM
Gwenddwr Site 3 SO0668843104 SO0643 Searched No Yew 2023 On Google Earth, JC.
Alltmawr St Mauritius SO0733346857 SO0746   Yew 1998  
Crickadarn St Mary SO08954222 SO0842 Searched Yew 2023 2 male Veteran, 2 female Notable. AG, SG, JM
Crickadarn Hebron Chapel SO0942 SO0942 Searched Yew 2023 3 female Notable. AG, SG, JM
Builth Cilmery Chapel SO0035251527 SO0051        
Llanganten, Cilmery Churchyard of St Cannen SO00945176 SO0051   Yew 1999 This site is thought to be early medieval in origin. The oldest of two yews grows SW of the church. It has been reported (May 2010) that both yews have been felled.  Ancient Yews Group.
Builth Wells St Mary SO0396051037 SO0351 Searched Yew 2023 TL.
Llanelwedd St Matthew SO04675179 SO0451        
Mynydd Langynidr Dukestown Cemetery SO1202110361 SO1210        
Dukestown Cemetery SO1356710922 SO1310        
Llangynidr St Cynidr and St Mary SO155194 SO1519   Yew 2004  
Carmeltown   SO1621811565 SO1611       Q VC42?
Garnlydan Presbyterian SO1644012306 SO1612        
Brynmawr Brynmawr Cemetery SO1853512193 SO1812 Searched Yew 2023 Unremarkable. AG & JM
Glanusk Penmyarth Park Chapel SO1865319846 SO1819 Reported No Yew 2023 Estate owner.
Brynmawr Site 2 SO1925011848 SO1911        
Brynmawr Site 3 SO1924611703 SO1911        
Brynmawr Site 4 SO1918811582 SO1911        
Brynmawr St Mary's Church SO1916512095 SO1912 Searched No Yew 2023  
Mynydd Llangors Aber   SO1033321296 SO1021        
Llanywern St Mary Virgin SO1018428663 SO1028 Searched Yew 2023 One notable. AG & JM
Talybont on Usk   SO1116223068 SO1123    
Pennorth Chapel SO1130025987 SO1125 Searched Yew 2023 Coppiced. AG & JM
Llanfihangel Tal y llyn Church SO1128 SO1128 Searched Yew 2023 1*4.8m girth, 1*5m girth. AG & JM
Llanddetty St Detta's SO1278920221 SO1220 Searched Yew 2023 3 Notable males, 1 Notable female.
Llansantffraed Churchyard SO12232349 SO1223 Searched Yew 2023 1 ancient 7 locally notable. AG & JM.
Llandefaelog-tre'r- graig St Maelog SO12632989 SO1229   Yew 2004  
Llangasty St Gastyn SO1326 SO1326 Searched Yew 2023 4.1-5.2m girth. AG & JM
Llangorse   SO134275 SO1327 Searched Yew 2023 1 male, 3 female. 2 Notable. AG, JM.
Cathedine Cathedine Church SO1425 SO1425 Searched Yew 2023 2>5m girth. AG & JM.
Llangynidr Sardis Baptist SO1530120143 SO1520        
Tretower St John the Evangelist SO1859621242 SO1821   Yew 2004  
Cwmdu St Michael the Archangel SO18052383 SO1823   Yew 2000 In the 1970 Brecon Yew Survey a girth of 17' 6'' was recorded for a yew at this location. Although there are 28 yews ringing the  nothing of this size could be found. At a 2nd visit in 2012 it seemed possible that one or two of the yews might be 12' in girth. These grow on the east perimeter, an area that was being used as a storage place for old tombstones etc, and was so overgrown the yews were inaccessible. 
Near Cwm Rhos   SO1852624735 SO1824        
Bronllys - Talgarth Llandefalle Llandefalle churchyard SO107355 SO1035 Searched Yew 2023 3 veteran 2 male 1 female, 5 Notable 3 female 2male, otherwise 1 male 1 female. 
Llanfilo churchyard Llanfilo churchyard SO1190933184 SO1133 Searched Yew 2023 2 male, 1 female. 2 Notable. AG, JM.
Tredustan Religious grounds SO1359232466 SO1332 Searched No Yew 2023 JC
Llyswen St Gwendoline SO133380 SO1338   Yew 2004  
Bronllys St Mary SO14373488 SO1434   Yew 2016  
Talgarth St Gwendoline SO15733381 SO1533 Searched Yew 2023 2 male, 3 female. 1 Veteran, 3 Notable. AG & JM
Talgarth Bethiana Chapel SO1542533523 SO1533 Searched Yew 2023 One large Notable Irish Yew and a small tree nearby. JC.
Pengenffordd Moriah Chapel SO17183015 SO1730 Searched Yew 2023 1 Male AG
Three Cocks Aberllynfi abandoned church SO17243798 SO1737 Searched Yew 2023 1 tree among the ruins still. Veteran / possibly Ancient. (Trunk at least 5m at ground level and widening to huge very quickly.) JC.
See this from "CHURCHES AND CHAPELS" by M.A.V.Gill for more information.
Glasbury St Peter SO17693851 SO1738       Not Vc42
Glasbury - lost church St Peter SO176388 SO1738       Not Vc42
Llanelieu St Ellyw SO184341 SO1834 Searched Yew 2023 1 Notable Male but strictly just outside churchyard AG JM
Gilwern Llangattock Bethesda Congregational Chapel SO2081917380 SO2017 Searched No Yew 2023  
Llangattock St Catwg SO21091788 SO2117 Searched Yew 2023 Oldest 5.12m girth. 
Crickhowell St Edmunds SO2163718395 SO2118 Searched Yew 2023 All notable max girth 3.8m 
Crickhowell St Josephs SO2165118873 SO2118        
Llanelly Llanelly St Elwys Church SO2322214816 SO2314 Searched Yew 2023 Oldest 5.9m girth. In a circle. AG & JM. 5 male, 13 female.
Glangrwyney SO23991625 SO2316        
Llangenny St Cenau SO24011815 SO2418   Yew 2002  
Grwyne Fawr Llanbedr Churchyard SO239204 SO2320 Searched Yew 2023 1 ancient M 8m, 2 veteran M, 1 notable M. AG & JM 
Partrishow Churchyard SO2722 SO2722 Searched Yew 2023 1M Veteran 5.1m 1F 
Black Mountains N Llanigon St Eigon or St Eigen SO21383993 SO2139   Yew 2010  
Capel-y-ffin St Mary SO25483152 SO2531        
Capel-y-ffin Baptist Chapel SO25543158 SO2531   Yew 2016  
Hay Hay-on-Wye Cemetery SO2265541785 SO2241   Yew 2020 Undoubtedly planted at the graveyard but seedling trees up the brook. 
Hay-on-Wye St Mary SO22584214 SO2242 Searched Yew 2023  

* The hectad name

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