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Mistletoe (Viscum album) target monads.

Breconshire results to John Crellin please

This is simpler - please look out for and record Mistletoe (it is easier when the leaves are off the trees).

In particular please try to record the altitude (if higher than 250m) and also the host tree / shrub.


There is no longer a known site for Mistletoe on Oak in the county so it would be great to find one.


Hawthorn is our most common host followed by Poplars, Limes, Apples (in no particular order) and many other species of trees.


The distribution is shown in this map:

Mistletoe distribution


It is clear that there is not much point looking in the west of the county and any records a little further west towards Brecon (near the Usk) would be welcome.

The occurences north and west of Builth are seemingly anomalous. (Dots that are not bright green are for locations not recorded in the last 20 years so these need updating.)


Results: All records to me please with grid reference, if possible, but certainly the square it was found in; date found and altitude if above 250m; a picture is always welcome and I will post them here.

Results, Misletoe

Date Name Record
1 Jan RW A470 Roadside, Llyswen, on Ash
24 Jan AG & JM Llanelly Church, on Sycamore at 222m
Llangattock Church, on Poplar
22 Feb JF Cwm Sorgwm

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