Brecknock Botanical Recording Distribution Maps List

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The Rare Plant Register

Brecknock Rare Plant Register

Supplementary sections not part of the Rare Plant Register

These sections arise from the main analysis.

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Rare hybrids not otherwise listed (3 sites or fewer)

Scarce hybrids (10 sites or fewer)

Hieracium species not in the main register

Taraxacum species not in the main register

Rubus species not in the main register

Relatively scarce species of interest that are not native or archaeophyte in Brecknock

Species that would be in section 1 or 2, but which have not been recorded since 1999

Axiophytes and those plants that have 50 or fewer sites

Not rare in Brecon. Other Native and Archaeophyte species

Brecknock Axiophytes

'Axiophytes are “worthy plants” - the 40% or so of species that arouse interest and praise from botanists when they are seen.'

Brecknock Axiophytes list

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