Specimen Trees

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Those trees that stand out

Breconshire results to John Crellin please


Almost certainly planted but there are often trees in a landscape that stand out as specimens worthy of note.


Here the request is for photographs of candidates. If you know or think you know what the tree is then by all means let us know.


Results: A picture please and also they type of tree - ideally Species but maybe just the Genus (eg Poplar) or even "don't know". So send me a leaf (or photograph of each side).


Do consider reporting the tree on the Ancient Tree Inventory at the Woodland Trust.


Some examples of what we are looking for:


Black Poplar near Builth


Sweet Chestnut near Glangrwyney


Beech on Brechfa Common (now gone!)



Results, Specimen trees

Date Name Record
1 Feb AG & JM Llangasty Church, three Pinus sylvestris (Pine) the largest with girth 3.5m.
14 Feb AG, SG & JM Llanfeugan, St Meugan's church, locally notable 2.9m girth
21/22 Feb AG & JM. CH. Llanfrynach churchyard, two Deodar Cedars (Cedrwydden ddeodar), photograph by CH below. Also two Sequoiadendron giganteum, Wellingtonias (unconfirmed) - one at edge of picture.
4 Mar JC Locally notable Acer pseudoplatanus, Sycamore in Llanfaes Churchyard. Good to see the rampant Ivy has been dealt with.

Deodar at Llanfrynach

Deodar at Llanfrynach, CH.

Foliage and Cones, CH.

The Defynog Yew from AG (22-2-23).


The Locally Notable Sycamore at Llanfaes.

J R Crellin 2023

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