Bay Willow on the Epynt

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Bay Willow

The Epynt Way provides a great way to get as near the Army Range as you can legally without a permit. Around the North-eastern part of the range one of our relative rarities, Salix pentandra or Bay Willow occurs as the only significant population in Breconshire and Radnorshire. It's easy to spot, particularly in June, when the catkins emerge (the trees / shrubs are either male or female). It usually is associated with a water course or river.


We would like to make more records of its sites in the area – all known sites (apart from one on the Tawe, which may have been planted) are clustered around the north-eastern edge of the SENTA area with two of the known sites being:

On the Epynt way at Mynachdy


On the loop out to Merthyr Cynog where it crosses the Ysgir Fawr.


So let me () know if you find it please.


This picture shows detail of a leaf and a female catkin in early June.



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